Visegrad Experts


About the Project

The project aims to deepen internal cohesion of the Visegrad Group through the enhanced mobility of experts among all four Visegrad countries. By focusing on selected priority areas of Visegrad cooperation, the project’s goal is twofold. Firstly, it seeks to enrich the existing research capacity of already well established think tanks in all four Visegrad countries. Secondly, it aims to contribute to the deepening of knowledge of well recognized Visegrad experts.


The project is expected to build up on the existing forms of cooperation and partnerships among V4 think tanks and research centers, while also bringing an innovative approach and a regional dimension to the expert exchange programs. Despite the increasing networking of experts and research fellows and deepening cooperation among the think tanks throughout the V4 there is still a lack of initiatives supporting longer stays of both senior and junior research fellows in their partner organizations in the V4 countries. The project will therefore enable two experts from each of the V4 countries to spend one month long visiting fellowship at a partner organization (think tank, research center) in a V4 country other than that of their citizenship. The project is designed for three years, which means that the total number of twenty four experts will have an opportunity to spend visiting fellowships in another V4 country (six experts from each of the V4 countries). Areas of expertise will depend on actual needs and possibilities of a hosting institution and abilities of nominated fellows and should reflect strategic priorities of the Visegrad Group, such as the Eastern Partnership, Western Balkans, Energy Security, Economic and Fiscal Policy, as well as internal cohesion of the V4 as a whole. In light of the above, the proposed project has both inward and outward dimensions – on the one hand, it promotes internal cohesion of the V4 through an enhanced mobility of well recognized experts, while on the other hand it also focuses on the agenda that is broader than the V4 area (energy security, EU enlargement, Eastern Partnership, etc.).


Target groups of the project are first of all Visegrad experts, think tanks, research centers, research community in general, as well as interested public. The project will be of the added value for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the V4 countries, Visegrad Group Presidencies or Internal Visegrad Fund, since it will enrich already existing policies with innovative ideas and reflections. Thanks to planned expert lectures, it also has significant public dimension and can therefore contribute to raising awareness of the Visegrad Group in the public.

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